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Chill Paws: Summer Dog Shoes

Chill Paws: Summer Dog Shoes

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Beat the Heat: Shield Your Dog's Paws from Hot Pavement!

✔ Say Goodbye to Paw Burns with Chill Paws

✔ Ensure Your Dog's Feet Stay Safe and Comfortable

✔ Prevent Cuts, Scratches, and Burns

✔ Breathable and Protective

🐾 Paw-Proved by Hundreds of Pups

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Protect Your Pup: The Danger of Summer Heat

Would you ever stand barefoot on a burning hot sidewalk? Me neither! Just like our own human feet, it's easy to forget that our dogs feet can get burned too.

Paw pad burns can cause immediate discomfort and pain, resulting in difficulties with walking, running, and even standing, and take a long time to heal. Avoid Paw Burns and Costly Vet Bills with Chill Paw Protective dog shoes.

The Ultimate Solution for Hot Weather Walks

Enjoy long walks and outdoor adventures with your pup WITHOUT having to worry about their safety, health, and comfort in hot weather

  • Regulate Body Temperature

    Breathable Mesh with a Durable Outsole protects from overheating, paw burns, scratches, heat-stress/stroke and other heat-related illnesses with advanced cooling technology and UV ray reflection, while ensuring their safety and preventing overheating.

  • Comfort & Adjustability

    Adjustable design allows for a comfortable fit for dogs of all sizes. Allow freedom of movement and stay comfortable with double-strap adjustable fit.

Stay Cool And Safe

Attach securely to stay cool on-the-go for all your daily adventures with your pup!

Construction & Care

  • Construction:

    • Shell: 100% Breathable Mesh & Reflective Material
    • Sole: Rubber
    • Inner Layer: Heat Wicking Tencel Cotton
  • Care:

    • Machine Wash
    • Mild Detergent
    • Hang Dry

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